Walter’s Story

Walter Crooks, 45, of Alexandria, Louisiana works in air conditioning / refrigeration and enjoys off shore fishing and hunting. He was in an auto accident 20 years ago which left him with compressed nerves in his neck, causing numbness in his right thumb and first finger. The bulging discs were located at the C4/C5 and C6/C7 levels of his cervical spine.

He lived with that pain for another 15 years. His local doctors recommended fusion surgery involving rods and screws, but Walter balked at that, knowing that fusion surgeries were largely unsuccessful and could cause additional problems. He underwent chiropractic manipulation, steroid injections and physical therapy but none provided relief from the dull aching numbness he was feeling.

Bonati spine patient

Walter’s Video Review

As to his treatment at The Bonati Spine Institute Walter stated that “… The Bonati experience was just a few hours each day and then (he) was back on the road seeing the beach” and that he “… walked for 5 hours at the Tampa zoo immediately following (his) surgery.” Also that it “… was amazing being asked how’s the numbness, then it was gone while I was on the table.” His local doctors looked at his small scar and fast recovery and said there’s no way that can be done. But it has been done exclusively at The Bonati Spine Institute for over 30 years.

“He was back deer hunting a week after his lumbar surgery”

Four years later Walter returned for treatment of a lower back condition. He was amazed to “… see the same faces. In a medical field that really said something about The Bonati Spine Institute. It’s like being in a family.”

He was back deer hunting a week after his lumbar surgery. As for Walter’s advice, “… you don’t have to get pins and screws to fix this problem.”