Osteophyte Treatment

The Bonati Resection of Osteophytes refers to a procedure performed in conjunction with other Bonati Spine Procedures for decompression of spinal nerves.

Osteophytes are more commonly referred to as bone spurs, the smooth, bony projections that develop along the edges of bones. They occur in joints — where bones meet each other — and along the bones of the spine. Bone spurs that form on the spine may press against spinal nerves, leading to pain and numbness in various parts of the body. They also may cause the foramen, the opening through which the spinal nerve exits the spine, to narrow and put pressure on the nerve, resulting in a condition called foraminal stenosis.

Bone Spur (osteophytes) Surgery

The Bonati Spine Procedures to relieve pressure on nerve roots include the Facetectomy, Laminectomy, and Foraminotomy. When necessary, the Resection of Osteophytes occurs during these procedures. A small pair of forceps designed for the removal of small pieces of bone are passed through a series of tubes patented by The Bonati Spine Institute. The tubes are inserted through the small incision, located above the site of the impacted nerves, made during the Facetectomy, Laminectomy or Foraminotomy.

The Bonati Resection of Osteophytes does not use general anesthesia. Through the use of local anesthesia and conscious IV sedation the patient is comfortable, responsive, and able to provide feedback to the doctors throughout the procedure. This allows our spine surgeons to target the source of pain with pinpoint accuracy. While in the operating room, the surgical team will confirm the patient is able to complete a series of mobility exercises and verify that the pain has been successfully treated. After the procedure, the patient is transferred to the post-operative care unit for rest and observation, and then a post-operative consultation with the surgeon will help determine if additional procedures included in the surgical plan are necessary. Follow-up surgeries are usually scheduled within a few days of the first surgery, to allow any swelling to subside. During this time, the patient will be given a regimen of walking therapy.

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