Preparing for The Bonati Procedures

In order to know what to expect and to prepare for a pleasant experience and a successful procedure, please read the following information.

What to Expect

A helpful, committed staff offering excellent care

Individual attention

Quick recovery

A complete medical campus that includes diagnostic, imaging, surgical and patient services facilities on site

What To Do

Please bring any MRI, CT scans or X-ray studies that you may have for your consultation with the surgeon. You will need a new MRI if your studies are older than 6 months or if your condition has changed.

Fill out all New Patient Forms as completely as possible and bring them with you.

Bring a copy of your current MRI or X-rays studies.
(They must have been taken within the past six months, otherwise we can perform those studies for you at our Institute.)

Make a list of questions for the staff so you will become as well-informed as possible.

You must notify The Bonati Spine Institute of any heart, lung (CPAP), liver or current medical treatment including allergies, prior to arrival.

Call your Patient Advocate at (855) 267-0482 with a local contact number as soon as possible so we can reach you when you get to the area.

What To Bring

A companion who can drive you and stay with you on the day of surgery and on that first night. You cannot have surgery unless you have a companion.
If you are unable to bring a companion with you, there are companies that work with many of our patients who are unable to bring a companion. To see the list of these companions Click Here.

A list of all medications you are currently taking, including dosages and instructions for their use.

Comfortable clothes such as sweat suits, T-shirts and sneakers. Bring a sweater or sweatshirt as well.

If you are having a cervical procedure, you may want to bring a top that buttons or zips up front, rather than one that is pulled over your head. Also, you may want to bring slip-on shoes rather than shoes that tie.

About Medication

If you are planning a surgical procedure at The Bonati Spine Institute, please note that a number of medications should not be taken during the two weeks before your scheduled surgery. These include:

Anti-inflammatory and arthritis medications

Drugs that contain aspirin


Most vitamins and herbal supplements

Your Patient Advocate will send you a complete list of these medications prior to your arrival.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call your Patient Advocate at (855) 267-0482.

Download New Patient Forms

To insure that your registration at The Bonati Spine Institute proceeds smoothly and swiftly, we offer our New Patient Registration forms on-line in a .pdf format should you wish to complete them prior to your arrival. Simply click on the appropriate link below to open and print your New Patient Registration forms.

Download the Medical Release Form

In order to provide you the best medical care, it may be necessary to refer to your most recent MRI or CT Scan Studies. Please download the following form and present it to your prescribing physician or imaging center in order to obtain a copy for our review.


Do You need Hotel Accommodations?

If you are an out-of-state patient or live more than an hour away from The Bonati Spine Institute we have attached a list of hotels offering discounts to Bonati Spine Institute patients in the immediate area available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis.