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12 11, 2019

New Study: Opioid Therapy Negatively Impacts Fusions

November 12th, 2019|

A new study published in the September 2019 journal SPINE revealed preoperative chronic opioid therapy negatively impacts long-term outcomes following cervical fusion surgery. Below are study details and result excerpts as reported by Medscape. Objective: The aim of this study was to define the impact of preoperative chronic opioid therapy (COT) on outcomes following cervical spine [...]

6 11, 2019

Back to Life: Mary’s Story

November 6th, 2019| Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), is a term used to describe patients who continue to experience pain after traditional spine surgery. Approximately 60% of people who have open back or fusion surgeries suffer from failed back surgery syndrome. Mary S. from Augusta, GA is one of those people. She and her husband Ron, [...]

29 10, 2019

Try These Self Care Treatments Prior To Surgery

October 29th, 2019|

Many people suffer from neck pain, back pain, leg pain, or weakness of the muscles in the extremities due to spine conditions. About 80% of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes, and back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days. [...]

23 10, 2019

A Full Bonati Spine Institute Guest Experience Walk Through

October 23rd, 2019| What services do we offer? How are our procedures performed? What is it really like to be a patient at the Bonati Spine Institute? If you're considering treatment of back, neck, or other spine related pain, but are hesitant to contact us, take 10 minutes to watch our full guest walk through experience [...]

15 10, 2019

Harvard Medical School: Babying Your Back Might Delay Healing

October 15th, 2019|

The below article is excerpted from Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Women's Health Watch. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health. It's also a little strange as far as ailments go. When you twist your ankle, you generally have [...]

9 10, 2019

Back to Life: Rickey’s Story

October 9th, 2019| Rickey O. from Las Vegas, NV is a hard working, family man who loves to stay active. But one day in 2005, while helping a neighbor shovel some rocks he heard a popping sound in his back and this began his struggle with pain for over a decade. He tried almost every conservative [...]

1 10, 2019

NINDS: Recommendations For Keeping One’s Back Healthy

October 1st, 2019|

The following information is excerpted from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) -- a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) . If you have lower back pain, you are not alone. About 80% of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. Men and women are equally [...]

26 09, 2019

Things To Do Near The Bonati Spine Institute

September 26th, 2019|

Many of the patients at the Bonati Spine Institute travel into the Tampa Bay area from both near and far. No matter if you’re coming from another state or simply the other coast of Florida, it is important that you and your travel companions have somewhere to take it easy before and after the procedure. [...]

17 09, 2019

Harvard Medical School: Six Tips for Safe Stretches

September 17th, 2019|

The below article is excerpted from Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing Healthbeat. Virtually every activity you do relies on ease of motion. Stretching can help in numerous ways. It can often relieve back pain, stiff necks, and sore knees when tight muscles are to blame. It can counteract too much sitting whether you're doing [...]

3 09, 2019

Back to Life: Natasha’s Story

September 3rd, 2019| Natasha spends her life in servicing the health and wellness of both people and poodles. However, pain in her spine almost robbed her of both her career and her passion. She visited a physician who told her she had fibromyalgia, an often misdiagnosed condition, and did nothing more than provide her with pain [...]

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