Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Choose The Bonati Spine Procedures?

If you have tried more “conservative” treatments, such as physical therapy or chiropractic manipulation, yet your pain has lasted more than 3 months, is persistent, and seems to be running your life, then you should investigate a surgical solution for your pain.

The Bonati Spine Procedures are outpatient surgeries that do not require overnight hospitalization. The procedures are performed through the smallest incisions possible, resulting in far less trauma to the surrounding muscles and soft tissue, minimal blood loss, less scarring, and much faster recovery time.

Many of the patients who come to The Bonati Spine Institute have had previous “open” spine surgery at another facility that has failed. “Open” spine surgery often produces massive amounts of scar tissue, and this scar tissue can then begin producing radicular pain as it presses on nerve roots. Likewise, the hardware inserted in fusion surgeries can eventually become a problem, in that it produces scar tissue, or it can become loosened and move into a position where it compresses a nerve. In many cases, the problematic hardware can be removed, relieving the radicular pain it was causing.

About The Bonati Experience

There may be multiple abnormalities causing pain or other problems to the patient. We address one level at a time starting with the area causing the most discomfort. The patient is re-evaluated after the first procedure to determine if all the pain has gone away, or if the next area of concern should be addressed. Each surgical procedure is separated by a short interim period to allow for a post-operative MRI and patient recovery. We perform our procedures incrementally because sometimes an abnormality seen on an MRI or CT Scan may not be causing any symptoms.

One of the primary advantages of The Bonati Spine Procedures over old-fashioned “open” spine surgery is that through the use of conscious IV sedation, the patient remains conscious and can communicate directly to the surgeon whether their pain in a particular area is resolved.

Not everyone with a spine problem is a candidate for The Bonati Spine Procedures. Our surgeons will review your MRI or CT Scan within 2 business days of receipt. We will then provide you with a written opinion of any abnormalities found and inform you as to whether you are a candidate for The Bonati Spine Procedures. There is no charge or obligation associated with this MRI or CT Scan review.

The Bonati Spine Institute works with many insurance companies, each offering a variety of plans. As a service to our patients, we will verify all insurance coverage well in advance of scheduling any surgery and inform you of the exact extent of the coverage. There is no charge or obligation associated with this insurance coverage verification.

More About Our Procedures

The Bonati Spine Institute has been performing its procedures exclusively at our Hudson, Florida spine center for over 35 years.

More than 75,000 Bonati procedures have been performed successfully.

Dr. Alfred Bonati holds 7 U.S. Patents on advanced spinal surgery instruments and methods and was the first to develop the application and obtain FDA approval of the Holmium YAG laser for spine surgery.

The Bonati Spine Procedures are performed only at The Bonati Spine Institute in Hudson, Florida. Dr. Bonati developed and patented the instrumentation and methods and developed the protocols for these procedures.

Why Choose The Bonati Spine Institute?

When it comes to selecting a spine surgery center, experience is one of the most important factors. The surgeons of the Bonati Spine Institute have a level of experience unmatched by any other spine center. Over the past 30 years, The Bonati Spine Procedures have been successfully performed more than 75,000 times exclusively at our facility.

Our 11-acre medical campus offers the full range of pre-operative, surgical and post-operative services, including medical testing and clearances, imaging, post-operative recovery and a full clinical staff. We are a wholly self-contained Joint Commission accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) allowing us to complete all medical care without having to “hand off” or sub-contract any responsibilities to third parties.

The Bonati Spine Institute maintains an active list of patients, each willing to share their experiences at The Bonati Spine Institute. To obtain a list of reference patients, simply contact your Patient Advocate.