Margaret’s Story

Margaret DeSelle of Deville, Louisiana, was referred to The Bonati Spine Institute by a former patient who had had a successful surgery. She was experiencing pain from her hip down to her ankle. She attributed it to “… lifting all those years and everyday life.”

She suffered a long time with chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy not providing any relief. She would take a pain pill before starting work and a pain pill after work. Margaret, however, knew that painkillers were not a lasting solution to her pain. She could not enjoy family life, especially running and shopping with her daughter Ashley

Bonati spine patient

Margaret’s Video Review

Her first surgery at The Bonati Spine Institute lasted about half an hour. Like all Bonati Spine Institute surgical patients she was awake during the procedure under a gentle conscious IV sedation. This allowed her to communicate with her surgeon and to let him know when her pain subsided. Following surgery she came back to the Recovery Room where she was told to stand up and walk. Her husband David remarked that “… she was just great. There was no pain at all. She just got up and walked around.”

“It’s amazing what he’s created here. I now work 45 hours a week and runs 3 miles a day”

The soreness at her surgical site was gone in a matter of days. Of Dr. Bonati, Margaret states that he “… is a real caring man. He really treated me like a daughter. It’s amazing what he’s created here.” Margaret now works 45 hours a week and runs 3 miles a day with Ashley.