Clayton’s Story

Clayton Greenleaf of Collegedale, Tennessee’s passion is restoring old cars. In his early 20’s he injured his back lifting cord wood. At that time he was working in an auto body shop where he would constantly need to twist transporting heavy objects and would occasionally fall off of the framing machine.

The result was over 30 years of lumbar spine pain with degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis at the L4/L5 level and bone spurs and impinging scar tissue from a previous failed spine surgery.

Bonati spine patient

Clayton’s Video Review

Clayton was in constant pain and couldn’t sleep, stand or sit still for any long period of time. Five years of taking painkillers only seemed to make his pain worse. He states that during this period his pain “… took a toll on me mentally. I just sat in a chair and watched TV.” His wife Sally notes that he was “so depressed and tried doctor after doctor locally. They didn’t know what to do for him”. Finally, a friend recommended The Bonati Spine Institute.

“Although he would need three surgeries, just after his first surgery he was able to walk around the block”

Just two weeks after initially contacting The Bonati Spine Institute Clayton had surgery at the Institute. He remarked that it was “… a very calming experience and that the Institute’s system is very good.” Although he would need three surgeries, just after his first surgery he was able to walk around the block. He became very emotional because previously he was not able to walk without experiencing terrible pain.

Being able to walk out of the Recovery Room after surgery was “… like being let out of jail with a new lease on life. I can ride motorcycles now. Before I had surgery down there I couldn’t even get on one.” Clayton is back dragging old cars out of the field and restoring them, and when last seen was racing away in a beautifully restored vintage Ford.