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We can treat all kinds of back pain, spinal stenosis, foraminal narrowing and other similar spinal conditions.

Spinal Conditions and Treatments

Am I a Candidate?

You are a candidate for The Bonati Spine Procedures if you have recurrent back, hip, leg, foot, neck, arm, hand pain with numbness, weakness or burning caused by:

Who Should Consider The Bonati Spine Procedures

The patented instrumentation and methods used in The Bonati Spine Procedures are designed for patients whose symptoms are accompanied by the following:
  • A recent MRI, CT Scan, Myelogram or Discogram revealing abnormalties
  • Recurring back, hip, leg, foot, neck, arm, hand pain with numbness, weakness or burning
  • Pain that has persisted for more than 3 months and for which non-surgical treatments are no longer effective
  • Pain that prevents you from performing routine daily tasks
Surgery is never the first option, but when conservative treatments don't help, back surgery may offer relief. But it doesn't help every type of back pain. In fact, back surgery is needed in only a small percentage of cases and is usually reserved for treating chronic pain as when a nerve is pinched or the spinal cord is compressed.

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