Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is a term used to describe patients who continue to experience pain after spine surgery. Traditional open back surgery by nature is unpredictable at best, and most sources claim that the condition FBSS is seen in nearly up to 60% of individuals that have previously undergone this type of surgery. Failed back surgery happens so frequently it’s currently defined as a “syndrome.”

Not only does FBSS affect a person’s physical well-being, it can also be a trigger for depression, and prevent them from seeking out further medical attention that could help.

Over 40% of the patients seen at The Bonati Spine Institute are those that have had surgery performed at another medical facility, and their back pain continues because the prior surgery performed elsewhere has “failed”.

failed back surgery hardware

If you are experiencing pain after open back surgery, the first step is to speak with your family physician who will most likely try conservative treatments to relieve your symptoms. If you believe you may be experiencing failed back surgery syndrome, contact the experts at the Bonati Spine Institute. An MRI review will help confirm that you are a candidate for the Bonati minimally invasive spine surgery to relieve your failed back surgery symptoms with a less invasive procedure and faster recovery with no hospitalization. Contact us today.