What are the Causes of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)?

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is common in traditional open back surgery with about 60% of patients experiencing failed back surgery symptoms.

hardware causes failed back surgery syndrome

While there are many triggers for FBSS, some of the most common causes of failed back surgery are:

A fusion that failed to connect the intended areas

A fused bone that continues to grow and impinges on nerves

Scar tissue formation that impinges on nerves

A surgery performed at the wrong level

A recurrent disc herniation after surgery

Anterior grafts and cages migrating

Improper preoperative diagnoses of patient before surgery

The facet joints growing and encroaching on the spinal canal or the nerve

Technical errors that result in a fragment of disc material missed or a piece of bone left adjacent to the nerve

Pain due to spinal hardware that was implanted during the surgery, or hardware that breaks or becomes loose following surgery

Residual foraminal stenosis due to inadequate exploration of the nerve root during open back surgery

Spinal instability due to the removal of too much of the central disc or too many supporting ligaments

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