The Bonati Spine Institute offers expert diagnosis, treatment and Surgery for patients suffering with back and neck pain.

The Bonati Spine Institute has the distinction of being the first to develop and perfect minimally invasive endoscopic laser spine surgery. Widely recognized for innovation and excellence, for over 30+ years we have been the leading spine center. As the home of the very best that laser spine surgery offers, The Bonati Spine Institute provides an exceptional health care experience for patients and their families.

We Can Help

If back/neck pain or spinal disorders are keeping you from living your life to its fullest, we can help. Our countless patient testimonials attest to how our specialized surgical techniques have helped thousands make back and neck pain a thing of the past and helped to restore their quality of life.

Where Laser Spine Surgery Began

Orthopedic surgeon Alfred O. Bonati, M.D. began to focus on arthroscopic, or minimally invasive, laser spine surgery in 1986. He researched and developed advanced arthroscopic techniques and instruments for spine surgery. With seven patents to his name, Dr. Bonati is the first person to obtain a United States Patent for instruments and procedures involving arthroscopic laser spine surgery, including the use of a laser on the spine. A true medical pioneer, Dr. Bonati also was the first to obtain FDA approval for the use of the Holmium YAG laser on the spine. These methods and instruments are known as The Bonati Spine Procedures.

The Bonati Spine Institute Advantage

Our physicians and surgeons are internationally acclaimed in their fields and have the education, experience and expertise not found at any other spine center. They insure that our patients benefit from a precise, custom tailored treatment plan, delivering the most advanced level of care.

    Only The Bonati Spine Procedures offer these advantages:
    • Rapid recovery
    • Over 30+ years of experience
    • A documented 94% plus success rate
    • No hospital stay necessary
    • Small incision
    • Over 45,000 successful procedures performed

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