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The Bonati Spine Procedures – An overview

The Bonati Spine Procedures

The Bonati Spine Procedures

The Bonati Spine Procedures utilize patented instruments and methods that were developed and approved by Orthopaedic Surgeon and Bonati Spine Institute founder Alfred O. Bonati. The Bonati Spine Procedures are solely performed by surgeons trained, and employed by, The Bonati Spine Institute.

Our comprehensive protocol includes an extensive analysis of MRI or CT studies, along with a full physical examination and thorough evaluation of the patient’s symptoms. These methods assist the surgeon in isolating the exact cause of pain. Only then will a Bonati Spine Institute surgeon prescribe a tailored surgical plan to target the source of pain and provide a remedy for the patient’s condition. Depending on the condition and location, the surgeon will perform an array of techniques exclusive to the Bonati Spine Institute.

The Bonati Spine Procedures are performed incrementally, one vertebral level at a time, to address the main causes of pain first. These surgical procedures are performed under conscious IV sedation, allowing for the patient to feel comfortable, yet remain awake and able to communicate with the surgeon, providing valuable feedback on the source of discomfort.

Following surgery, a post-operative consultation between the surgeon and patient is conducted to determine whether all associated symptoms are relieved, and if additional procedures included in the surgical plan are necessary. Follow-up surgeries are usually scheduled within a few days of the first surgery, to allow any swelling to subside. During this time, the patient will be given a regiment of walking therapy.

The Bonati Spine Procedures may include an array of the following procedures: