Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment & Surgery Options

The Bonati Spine Institute is world-renowned in its ability to correct previous failed back surgery. We hold 7 U.S. patents on the instrumentation for removing failed spinal surgery hardware. The Bonati Spine Procedures treat each localized condition through a dime-sized incision. This approach allows us to intervene and correct multi-level fusions, fused bone that continues to grow and impinges on a nerve, and artificial disc failures. After localizing the source of pain, usually in the spinal canal or the foramen, our procedures often involve the removal of spinal hardware. Our next step is to decompress the area causing the pain.

The Bonati Spine Institute Revision Surgery for FBSS

The Bonati Spine Procedures offer an array of surgical techniques to correct FBSS. These procedures may include:

Discectomy for FBSS

A Laser Discectomy is a procedure in which the diseased portion of the disc that is causing nerve compression is removed using specially adapted patented endoscopic instruments, and a laser is used to shrink and remodel the remaining disc.

Laminectomy for FBSS

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure performed to treat spinal stenosis. The surgery is designed to relieve pressure (decompress) on the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots through the widening of the spinal canal. The procedure is carried out by removing or trimming part of the lamina (roof) of the vertebrae in the compressed area. The removal of part of the lamina creates an opening for the compressed nerves, relieving pressure on the nerve roots and reducing inflammation. The partial removal of the lamina may also allow the surgeon to remove any bone spurs or damaged tissue causing pain and inflammation in the patient.

Laminotomy for FBSS

A laminotomy is a common decompression surgery for spinal stenosis that resembles the laminectomy in its goals and technique. The difference between the laminectomy and the laminotomy is that the laminotomy involves making an opening in the lamina to gain access to the disc, where the laminectomy necessitates the removal of the lamina section of the vertebrae. In either case the goal is similar, to relieve pressure on the affected area and allow the nerve roots room to heal. Both procedures are often utilized in order to give the surgeon the proper space to perform the foraminotomy.

Note: The Bonati Spine Procedures are not applicable for spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injury refers to damage of the spinal cord resulting from a blunt or penetrating trauma. Our approach does not involve major spine reconstruction or plates, screws, connectors, cages, rods or artificial discs.

The Bonati Spine Institute encourages patients with FBSS to contact us to request a no-obligation MRI review or discuss your conditions with our medical professionals. Find out why The Bonati Spine Procedures are considered to be among the world’s best solutions when it comes to advanced spine surgery. Your pain from failed back surgery can become a thing of the past.