Walking each day can help improve your health both emotionally and physically. If you are feeling stressed out, don’t reach for the chips. Instead, reach for your sneakers and go for a walk. Not only will you clear you head, but you will also burn a few calories!

Additionally, walking can go beyond just that of burning a few calories… it has been shown to:

  1. Increase circulation to the spine

Walking increases circulation, bringing the body into balance and increasing stamina as blood pressure is lowered by the increased circulation. The continual flow of blood ensures that nutrients make it to the spine, and the surrounding soft tissues are nourished and enriched.

  1. Help rehydrate spinal disks

Our daily bodily movements cause compression on the spinal discs, squeezing out the discs’ water that provides cushion for the vertebrae. The increased circulation from walking helps to rehydrate the discs by moving water to where the discs can absorb it.

  1. Improve postural position

Poor posture places extra pressure on the spine which can lead to tension, soreness, headaches and back pain. Walking strengthens the body and helps position the spine in its upright natural shape. When walking properly, you naturally adopt proper posture. Good posture allows you to breathe better and can help reduce fatigue and pain from spine conditions associated with bad posture.

  1. Relieve spinal stress and back pain

Walking is a low impact exercise that assists in improving flexibility and mobility. Accompanied by a regimen of stretching, walking can improve flexibility and a better range of motion. Walking aids weight loss and weight management, which in turn relieves the stress extra body weight causes the spine.*

The Bonati Spine Institute utilizes walking therapy in post-operative recovery. Typically, patient’s are up and walking within minutes of their procedure and in most cases, are back to work in a matter of days. If you are experiencing unresolved back or neck pain our board certified surgeons and staff are here to help.

*Note: Before you engage in any exercise program, check with your doctor. This is provided only for the purpose of information and not to provide any medical advice.