Whiplash Symptoms

Researchers have identified a broad spectrum of symptoms associated with whiplash. The most common symptom of whiplash injury is neck strain that manifests itself as temporary pain and stiffness. One may not feel significant discomfort until several days after the accident.

Other symptoms of whiplash may include:

Blurred vision

Pain that gradually intensifies, moving to the back of the head, chest muscles, one or both shoulders and the upper arms

Difficulty swallowing



Muscle spasms

Pain turning head side-to-side

Ringing or buzzing in the ears

Tender, swollen neck

More serious whiplash injuries may involve damage to blood vessels, nerves or the discs. In most cases, soft tissue — mainly muscles and ligaments — cause pain because they have been stretched beyond normal limits. On occasions, they may bleed or even tear. In a few instances, violent whiplash motion can squeeze the discs of the cervical spine so hard that they herniate and press on a nerve. Spinal vertebrae can also be knocked painfully out of alignment.

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