Facet Syndrome Symptoms

Facets are compressed when an individual leans backward or to the side, so someone with a facet problem may feel pain in those positions. Leaning forward reduces the stress on the facets. Facet joint syndrome can occur at any part of the spine. Symptoms related to facet joint problems are usually localized near the area of the facet joint. Therefore, symptoms differ depending on the location:

Lumbar Facet Joint Pain

  • Include lower back pain that may radiate into the buttocks and upper thigh area.
  • This is often misdiagnosed as sciatica.

Thoracic Facet Joint Pain

  • When the facet syndrome is in the thoracic region of the spine this may result in pain in the central region of the spine, between the lower back and the shoulders.

Cervical Facet Joint Pain

  • If the cervical area is affected, then pain can occur in the back of the neck and radiate to the top of the shoulders and then can radiate around the neck.

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