I had a fusion to solve my pain problems, so why am I still in pain?

The simplest answer is that the fusion likely did not treat the issue and now in addition to the original source of pain, you are dealing with failed back surgery syndrome.

What is failed back surgery syndrome?

Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is a term used to describe patients who continue to experience pain after spine surgery. Not only does FBSS affect a person’s physical well-being, it can also be a trigger for depression, and prevent them from seeking out further medical attention that could help.

How do I know if I have FBSS?

Patients with failed back surgery syndrome or FBSS can experience a wide array of symptoms that they may not at first relate to surgery. Some symptoms include:

    • Anxiety or depression
    • Drug dependence
    • Limited movement
    • New pain at a different location than pre‐surgery pain
    • Prolonged, painful recuperation

Can my pain really be eliminated?

The Bonati Spine Institute is world-renowned in its ability to correct previous failed back surgery. We hold 7 U.S. patents on the instrumentation for removing failed spinal surgery hardware. The Bonati Spine Procedures treat each localized condition through a dime-sized incision. This approach allows us to intervene and correct multi-level fusions, fused bone that continues to grow and impinges on a nerve, and artificial disc failures. After localizing the source of pain, usually in the spinal canal or the foramen, our procedures often involve the removal of spinal hardware. Our next step is to decompress the area causing the pain.

Get Help!

The Bonati Spine Institute encourages patients with FBSS to contact us to request a no-obligation MRI review or discuss your conditions with our medical professionals. You can call 855-267-0482 or complete our online contact form.