The below is excerpted from Becker’s ASC Review, published on December 6, 2019, by Angie Stewart.

Medicare’s Procedure Price Lookup tool reveals certain spine procedures cost significantly less when performed at ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) instead of hospital outpatient departments (HOPD).  The prices provided are national averages, based on Medicare’s 2019 payments and copayments.

Cost comparison for three spine procedures:

1. Injections of anesthetic and/or steroid drug into lower or sacral spine nerve root using imaging guidance (Code: 64483)

ASC: $394
HOPD: $764

2.  Decompression of spinal cord and/or nerve root in lower back using endoscope (Code: 62380)

ASC: $2,744
HOPD: $5,699

3.  Partial removal of bone with release of spinal cord or spinal nerves of 1 interspace in lower spine (Code: 63030)

ASC: $2,744
HOPD: $5,699

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