The blog is excerpted from the National Spine Health Foundation article: Winter Wellness For The Spine: 7 Tips For The Season.

Wintertime can be tough on the body and the spine is especially at risk when it comes to potential hazards. With cold temperatures, ice, snow, and the tendency to remain sedentary, protecting your spine in challenging weather can be just that, challenging. There are several actions you can take to protect the spine during winter, which is when many people experience back and neck injuries due to slips on the ice or other, weather-related accidents.

  1. Proper Cold Weather Attire to Protect the Spine. They keyword for all things winter attire is “layer”! Be sure to wear plenty of removable layers to adjust for indoor and outdoor movement and sunshine — or lack thereof. Keeping your body at the right temperature will keep you from hustling in our out of places, which puts you at risk for a fall.
  2. Weather-Appropriate Footwear to Avoid Falls. It can be a hassle to change shoes often, but ensuring you wear shoes with traction and grip on ice or snow can help you avoid a fall. Back injuries are the most common result of a fall on the ice, so wearing the right shoes can help you avoid a lot of pain.
  3. Stay Active. Cold weather can push you into a sedentary lifestyle, but staying active is an important part of protecting the spine. Even just making a goal to stretch and walk indoors on a regular basis is helpful. Plus, staying active wards off depression, which can be a side effect of chronic pain.
  4. Gift Wrap Safely. Many people grab a seat on the floor and start cutting, wrapping and taping their gifts together. Unfortunately, more than a few moments of this can start to cause back pain. For a gift wrapping experience that protects the spine, sit in a chair with your gifts on a table at eye level so you aren’t straining or slouching as you wrap.
  5. Be Cautious When Trying New Activities. Winter is a time for ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and more. Because we don’t do most of those activities in warmer months, we are more prone to injury. Be sure to take on new activities at the right speed and level to avoid putting your body in danger for a cheap thrill.

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