What exactly is a pinched nerve?

A pinched nerve, or compressed nerve, is a term used to describe a nerve or group of nerves that have become impinged by bone, ligament, tendons, and soft tissue.

Though pinched nerves can occur anywhere throughout the body, they are most common in the back. The nerves in the spinal cord travel through the foramina, small openings between the vertebrae through which spinal nerve roots exit to other parts of the body. These small openings can become obstructed and pinch the nerves. Most cases of pinched nerves appear in the lower back.


Most people have experienced the symptoms of a pinched nerve when an extremity — for example, a hand, foot, or leg — “falls asleep”. To alleviate these symptoms of pinched nerves, a change in body position is usually all that is required. In the case of a pinched nerve in the back, however, further measures may be required. Common pinched nerve symptoms include:

  • numbness or decreased sensation to the area
  • sharp, aching or burning pain
  • tingling, “pins and needles” sensations
  • muscle weakness or spasms
  • frequent feeling of foot or hand has fallen asleep
  • shooting lower back pain
  • pain that extends to the buttocks, legs, and feet

A pinched nerve in the back may be the result of further back problems such as a herniated disc in your lower spine causing sciatica to radiate pain down the back of your leg.

Can it be treated?

In many cases, the answer is yes. The Bonati Spine Procedures are patented procedures created to target the main source of the pain, in this case, the pinched nerves, and eliminate the symptoms a patient may be experiencing. Over 55,000 procedures have been performed with out exclusive techniques.

Get Help!

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