Sleeping with back pain is all about finding a position that is comfortable and will not cause more pain. For many, the task is nearly impossible.

If you’re dealing with any back pain or want to avoid it, it’s usually best to sleep on your side. This position is ideal because the position maintains the spine’s natural curvature. However, there could be something more to the pain you’re experiencing.

A new study is suggesting that your body’s internal clock is actually causing your low back pain.

At the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, researchers found evidence that cells from vertebral discs contained proteins that also help align the cells in the human internal clock, also called circadian rhythm. According to the researchers, when the circadian rhythm is thrown off, either by poor sleep, age, shift work, and many other factors, the cells do not function as well. This failure can cause chronic inflammation, which leaves you more susceptible to disc degeneration and low back pain. The researchers noted that getting a good night’s sleep would protect the body clock and help avoid disc problems later in life.

Other studies have also noted that the body’s own anti-inflammatory chemicals are most effectively released during the day, which is why your low back pain may seem to feel worse at night.

There are many things that could be causing your poor sleep, from stress to an old bed to medications you are taking. Try to recognize what is causing your sleep to be disrupted so that you do not have to deal with lower back pain issues in the future.

Sleeping in the wrong position has been linked to several medical issues, not just spinal issues. Sleeping on your back can exacerbate heartburn. If you are struggling with sinus pain, you want to avoid sleeping on your back as well. Shoulder pain? Try sleeping on the opposite side of where you’re suffering from pain.

If you have done all you can to get a good night’s sleep and you are still suffering from back pain, you might be suffering from symptoms of a spinal condition. The professionals at The Bonati Spine Institute can review your MRIs and complete an examination to determine what might be causing these low back issues. They can also provide you with treatment options so that you can finally get a good night’s sleep.