Each morning you may wake with a back ache, a crick in your neck or a shoulder feeling displaced. At first, you might think it’s your old mattress causing these issues. But, if you have a brand new bed and are still waking up feeling sore, you might be suffering from other issues.

Dealing with back, neck and shoulder pain can be difficult throughout the day, but much worse at night when it feels like you simply cannot get comfortable. You may even be tossing and turning all night without knowing it, which means you’re waking up tired all the time.

Unfortunately, that comfortable position of sleeping on your stomach puts an additional strain on our back muscles. When your head is rotated while sleeping on your stomach, the back pain can spread to your shoulders.

There are some optimal positions if you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain.

If you like sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees or use a rolled-up towel under the curve of your back. These additions can help your spine maintain its natural curve.

Though stomach sleeping is not recommended, if you find it’s the most comfortable way for you to fall asleep, use a pillow under your lower abdomen to lessen the strain on your back.

If you are a side sleeper, draw your knees up a little closer to your chest and use a full body pillow between your knees.

What’s the best sleeping position for back pain? Sleeping on your side is your best options as it keeps the spine in the best alignment.

Good Habits Beyond Your Sleeping Position

How you get into and out of your bed can amplify your back pain. To get into your bed, sit on the side of your bed. Using your hands for support, bend your knees and lie down on your side. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, get into your position after you have gotten into bed correctly.

To get out of bed, roll onto your side, bend both your knees and bring yourself back onto a seated position on the edge of the bed. In movies, you often see someone bending forward when seated at the edge to stretch, but avoid doing that as it can strain your back.

What you do during the day can also impact your time at night. If you have a desk job, trying standing once every hour and practice good posture while seated. It could help ease your back pain at night.

If you have tried the best sleeping position for back pain, switched out your mattress and tried every which way to sooth your pain, it’s time to see a professional. You may be suffering from a spinal condition that requires medical treatment so that you can get relief.

The Bonati Spine Institute offers a comprehensive, free review of your MRI. The professionals can note your condition, its cause and severity to determine the best course of treatment. The number one goal of the spine doctors at The Bonati Spine Institute is to allow our patients to live a pain-free life.

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