Patrick had been hurting from low back pain for a few years, but when his pain escalated essentially overnight, it radiated down into his legs and became unbearable. His wife, Marla, took him to the emergency room, but Patrick was sent away with just pain medications. Frustrated that Patrick could not get in to see his traditional orthopaedic surgeon for weeks, Marla called the Bonati Spine Institute on a Tuesday. Wednesday morning, Dr. Bonati called Marla back to discuss Patrick’s condition, as his pain was so severe he was unable to talk. On Thursday morning, Patrick & Marla were on-site for a consultation with Dr. Bonati, but upon reviewing Patrick’s MRIs, Dr. Bonati immediately took him back for surgery for fear Patrick might become paralyzed. After surgery, Patrick said, “By 4:30 I was standing up.  I was walking out of there and I couldn’t believe it.”

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