Mark is a head chef and after years in his physically demanding career, coupled with accidents in both his Achilles, his body was telling him, enough is enough. Due to lower back, leg and feet pain, his time at work suffered. His home life with his wife and children suffered even more. He attempted to resolve the issues through chiropractic care, massage therapy and pain medicines, but those methods only masked his pain. It got to the point that he even considered filing for disability. Luckily, he heard about Bonati on the radio and called for a consultation. Now, he’s back at work, playing sports, and enjoying life once more with his family.

Watch Mark’s story of recovery above and if you too are looking for pain relief, allow the Bonati Spine Institute surgeons to provide a complimentary review your case to determine if you are a candidate for the patented Bonati Spine Procedures. Simply call 855-267-0482 or complete our contact form.