Consider these seven signs if you are experiencing neck or back pain.

You are experiencing decreased mobility

As your body ages, you should expect to lose some of your mobility. However, if pain and decreased  mobility are preventing you  from enjoying daily life minimally invasive spine surgery may provide the relief that you need and deserve.

You are experiencing diminished flexibility

Although it is completely normal to experience loss of flexibility with age, a severe loss of flexibility may point to serious problems. If your flexibility has diminished, it’s wise to seek consultation and treatment to ward off future complications.

Your condition is not improving

Progressive spinal conditions like osteoporosis and stenosis tend to get worse over time. If you have a progressive condition, you should see a specialist regularly to monitor your condition. During these visits, be sure to discuss your future treatment options for the potential of a downturn, including surgery.

Other treatments aren’t working for you

If you have tried non-surgical treatments, such as physical therapy, medications and chiropractic manipulation and your condition is still not improving, you may need surgery.

You have a spinal deformity

Spinal deformities such as scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine, or kyphosis, a rounding of the back, create extreme curvatures of the spine. While interim measures such as physical therapy and braces are effective in the early stages, spine surgery is frequently necessary for relief.

You have an injury to the spine

While the majority of patients with spine problems, and their physicians, have the luxury of time to determine the best course of action, a sudden injury to the spine, such as a misalignment of your vertebrae, presents a situation where decisions need to be made quickly and accurately. When there is severe injury, spine surgery may be the best option for continuing a normal life.

You have potential nerve damage

When spine conditions cause damage to nerves, permanent disability is possible. Common signs of nerve damage include numbness and/or tingling in the legs and feet. If you have severe symptoms such as bladder or bowel incontinence, you should see a specialist as soon as possible.

If you have persistent pain, it may be time to seek surgical help.  The Bonati Spine Institute is here to help with imaging, consultation and surgical services in one location.  Call 855-267-0482 to verify if you are a candidate or complete our form.