It’s a new year, but it’s your same spine. We’re recapping four simple, yet important, tips from our blogs in 2018, to keep in mind all year long to care for your spine… and the rest of your body.

#1 – Drink More Water

We hear this all the time, from our general practitioner, to lifestyle bloggers, to our friends and family, but it’s time to actually listen.

As a general rule, drinking at least eight large glasses of water a day is consistent with a healthy diet. But it is important to recognize that not everyone needs to drink the same amount of water every day, just like not everyone needs the same caloric intake. People who are heavier generally need to drink more water than people who are lighter. As a starting point, take your weight and divide it by half; this is approximately how many ounces of water you need to drink each day.

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#2 – Eat More Greens

Green vegetables like spinach, kale, asparagus, broccoli and green beans pack a big anti-inflammatory punch.  If you are experiencing pain regularly, you might find that switching to these colorful veggies helps lessen that pain. It’s never too late to start.

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#3 – Sit Less

No matter how comfortable you are, prolonged, static posture is not good for your back. Try to remember to stand, stretch and walk at least a minute or two every half hour. Moving about and stretching on a regular basis throughout the day will help keep your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons loose, which in turn will help you feel more comfortable, more relaxed and more productive.

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#4 –  Walk, Walk, Walk

To put it simply, walking is wonderful for your body in so many ways. Walking increases circulation, bringing the body into balance and increasing stamina as blood pressure is lowered by the increased circulation. The continual flow of blood ensures that nutrients make it to the spine, and the surrounding soft tissues are nourished and enriched. Walking is a low impact exercise that assists in improving flexibility and mobility. When accompanied by a regimen of stretching, walking can improve flexibility and a better range of motion. Walking also aids weight management, which in turn relieves the stress extra body weight causes the spine. Not to mention, walking is FREE and can be done anywhere!

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Help Is Available

If you’ve been mindful of these tips and have still been experiencing: back, neck, arm, leg or buttock pain, the Bonati Spine Institute is here to help. Allow our physicians and staff to review your case and verify if the Bonati Spine Procedures can help you. Click here to discuss your condition with one of our patient advocates or call us at 855-267-0482.