The Bonati Spine Procedures utilize patented instruments and methods that were developed by orthopaedic surgeon and Bonati Spine Institute founder Alfred O. Bonati.

The Bonati Spine Procedures are performed incrementally, one vertebral level at a time, to address the main causes of pain first. The Bonati Spine Institute does not use general anesthesia. Through the use of local anesthesia and conscious IV sedation the patient is comfortable, responsive, and able to provide feedback to the doctors throughout the procedure. This allows our spinal surgeons to target the source of pain with pinpoint accuracy.

It’s one thing to read about the procedures performed at our facility, but it’s another to actually watch them while they happen and see how Bonati patients are doing before, during and after their procedures. Now you can just that by following along with us on Facebook Live!

We meet new patients as they begin their journey to recovery during their initial clinic visits. We check in with patients while they’re waiting to go into surgery. We also go live in the operating room where Josh (our videographer) answers your questions about the procedure in real-time. Finally, we visit with patients in the recovery after, minutes after their procedure and sometimes even the next day, when they return to the facility for their final post-op consultation.

If you’re in back or neck pain, but still deciding on how best to get it treated, take a look at our video gallery and see for yourself how Bonati succeeds where others fail. Click the Facebook logo below to start watching!