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How To Prepare For Your Spinal Procedure

To make your visit to The Bonati Spine Institute as pleasant as possible and to expedite the registration process, our health care professionals suggest that you download and fill out our “New Patient” forms below before your visit. Click on the “What to Expect” button to learn more about your visit to The Bonati Spine Institute.


About Our Las Vegas Spine Institute

The Bonati Spine Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada is located just minutes away from the nearby Las Vegas strip.

The large Las Vegas spine institute includes a pain management clinic, imaging center and surgical center. An administrative department ensures that patients are receiving the care they need efficiently and consistently from our spine doctors.

The Bonati Spine Institute is easily accessible from McCarran Internal Airport, North Las Vegas Airport and the Las Vegas Beltway. Less than 30 minutes away from our spine center, visitors will find an array of nightlife, fine dining and classic Las Vegas attractions such as live shows, museums, and casinos. Guests seeing one of our back doctors can also travel to Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon, located just hours outside of the city.

Our Board-Certified Back Surgeons, Doctors And Surgical Staff

Las Vegas Testimonials
Robert Canavan
Robert Canavan
For the past 15 years, Robert Canavan has been dealing with back pain. He was told he has degenerative disc disease and mild spinal stenosis, which throughout the years became severe. He visited a neurosurgeon who wanted to perform a spinal fusion, removing his disc and putting in screws and rods. He started looking at less invasive options and found The Bonati Spine Institute. Immediately after his procedure, Robert could tell the difference and within two days he was completely pain-free.
Kosta Bakalas
Kosta Bakalas
Kosta Bakalas started feeling an excruciating pain in his leg running from his buttocks all the way to his toes. “ Dr. Grossmith showed me exactly the areas that were damaged. He laid out a plan of action as to what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. So there was no doubt in my mind”. Since his procedures, Kosta is feeling pain-free and like new, without the worry of those extreme lower back and leg pains.
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Spinal Conditions

The Bonati Spine Institute location in Las Vegas, Nevada is our newest location, equipped with state-of-the-art surgical equipment to treat a wide range of spinal conditions by our back doctors. Learn more about the spinal conditions treated by our spine doctors at The Bonati Spine Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Spinal Procedures

The Bonati Spine Institute spine center in Las Vegas, Nevada is equipped to offer a range of patented spinal procedures that retain a 98.75% patient satisfaction rate from our spine surgeons. Learn more about the spinal procedures available at The Bonati Spine Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.