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Patient Stories

See written testimonials from our patients, too.





Brian L.

Quote: “I’ve got complete relief of symptoms. […..] I can’t stress enough, that if you need any kind of surgical intervention .. for a spinal fix , [I] wouldn’t tell anybody to go anywhere else. I can’t say that enough.”

Summary: Brian came to the Bonati Spine Institute seeking relief from herniated disc in his thoracic area after his surgery at another institute had failed. After his surgeries at the Bonati Institute he’s got complete relief of his symptoms.



Jenny B.

Area of Pain: Lumbar area : Lower back, legs, heels , L3- L4/ L4- L5 / L5-S1

Quote: “I am now pain FREE, which is amazing.”

Summary: Jenny came to the Bonati Spine Institute suffering from radiating pain in her legs and back caused by 2 ruptured and 1 bulging discs. After her surgeries, all her back problems are fixed, her pain is gone and she’s feeling great.


Scott J.

Area of Pain: Head (cervical area)

Quote: “My headaches are gone.”

Summary: Scott came to the Bonati Spine Institute due to extreme headaches he had. And now, two days after the surgery, his headaches are gone and he can lift things again, something he couldn’t do before the surgery.


Carmen D.

Area of Pain: Lower back

Quote: “It’s like a miracle came and just took away all the bad things and left me with a smile on my face. something that I didn’t have before.”

Summary: After seeing many doctors with no results, Carmen came to the Bonati institute with no hope left . But after her surgery for the first time she’s feeling alive again and is smiling. She thinks of the experience as a miracle.


Diana J.

Area of Pain: back

Quote: ” I was just ecstatic because every doctor that I’ve ever seen , all they could tell me was they couldn’t help me”

Summary: Diana had back pain for 20 years, as an artist she gave up painting because of her back problem. All other doctors had told her they cannot help her, and now she’s feeling great.


Master Sargeant Michael MacDonald

Master Sergeant Michael MacDonald has served in the U.S. Army and Air Force for more than 20 years, and has suffered chronic back pain. When he heard about the Help For Wounded Warriors program he decided to visit the Bonati Spine Institute. At the Institute he was treated for a variety of spinal issues — completely free of charge. As a result of the patented Bonati Procedures performed by Dr. Alfred O. Bonati, his pain is gone and he is back to work feeling great. We are so proud of our hero.




LC Greenwood

A 13 year NFL veteran, L.C. had severe pain from his years playing. He was a defensive end taking all the abuse an NFL player can dish out. L.C. shows his appreciation for the Bonati Institute and his new, pain free life thanks to The Bonati Procedures. He has been given the freedom he once had when he was younger.



Doug Flynn

Doug was a Major League Baseball champion with the Cincinnati Reds in the 1970’s (then with the New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Montreal Expos and the Detriot Tigers) who had severe neck pain for years. Norm Evans of the Miami Dolphins gave him some great advice about The Bonati Spine Institute.




Sean is a very active person in sports. From lacrosse to ice hockey, Sean played sports from a very young age. Sean could barely walk and was in severe pain with every step he took. Since the surgery, he is now pain free and loving life thanks to the corrective laser spine surgery he had done here.




Kiersten had an injury when she was young that didn’t affect her too badly. Then, years later, she was lifting a table for work and felt her back give out. Kiersten shows her thanks to Dr. Bonati and The Bonati Spine Institute for the spine surgery she received and the freedom she now has from back pain.




Kim’s husband has always had back problems, but she was really watching him suffer doing routine things such as brushing his teeth. She was anxious to get back to a more normal life and thanks to The Bonati Institute, that’s exactly what they have.





Michael woke up one day with knife-pain in his back. He tried chiropractic treatments, injections, physical therapy and more. He got very little relief. During surgery he felt immediate relief and was very pleased with the results. He now lives a pain free life thanks to The Bonati Spine Institute’s exclusive procedures.




John came to us from New Jersey. He had a severe motorcycle accident that broke his leg in 18 places. By the time John was 38 years old, he needed a hip replacement. Replacing the hip made for severe back pain. The Bonati Procedures gave John his life back. He now lives pain free, drug free and had a second chance at life.




Tiny came to us from Holland. During pregnancy she experienced severe pain that continued even after delivery of her child. Tiny at one point was even unable to move her legs thanks to failed open back surgery. After numerous surgeries and physical therapy she is now able to walk without pain.



Michelle was rear ended in her car which severely disabled her, leaving her with limited mobility. She was to the point where she had to hold her head up with her hand in order to talk to others. After finding The Bonati Spine Institute and having surgery, she is now able to live a normal life. She can now do everything in life without pain.



Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark has been a chiropractor for more than 30+ years. He was always able to control his pain with conservative care until recently. He is an extremely active person and enjoyed the outdoors. His initial surgeon wanted to fuse vertebrae. Thanks to our minimally invasive spine surgery procedures, he is now pain free and enjoying life.