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Bulging Disc

Spine illustration showing painful and bulging discs. You probably know that a bulging disc may be the reason why you are experiencing back pain—particularly if it is resulting in spinal stenosis. That is why a remedy for a bulging disc is a likely remedy for spinal stenosis in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine.

Bulging discs can be painful and debilitating, taking time away from enjoying life to deal with your constant bulging disc pain. Don’t let bulging disc pain have control of your life choices. Treating bulging discs will give you a new pain free outlook. The Bonati Spine Institute has great success in treating bulging discs. . Call or visit Bonati today to start your pain free living!

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Rid yourself of back pain and laugh again.

The Bonati Spine Institute advocates that bulging disc patients are well informed. We encourage you to contact us to request a no-obligation MRI review or discussion with one of our medical professionals. Find out why The Bonati Procedures are considered to be among the world’s best solutions for laser spine surgery.
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