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26 year old Sean O′Dell′s amazing success story of recovery
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The Bonati Advantage

Why Do Tens of Thousands of Patients Come to The Bonati Spine Institute?

We Developed and Perfected Advanced Laser Spine Surgery Techniques

The Bonati Spine Institute is where laser spine surgery was developed and perfected. For over 30+ years, The Bonati Spine Procedures, advanced spine surgeries, have used patented methods and instruments to relieve problems in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas. Performed only at The Bonati Spine Institute, these endoscopic, laser assisted spine surgeries have revolutionized the treatment of back and neck pain, including pain from spinal stenosis, herniated discs, spinal arthritis, bulging discs, spondylosis, and failed back surgery syndrome.

Best of the Best Doctors

Back surgery is never the first option. But if your back pain requires surgery, it is important to research and choose your spine team wisely. At The Bonati Spine Institute, medical doctors with excellent credentials, who have trained at leading medical schools and under the guidance of Dr. Bonati, have seen thousands of patients, perform The Bonati Spine Procedures.

The Bonati Difference

  • Faster recovery times
  • Oupatient surgery, with no costly overnight hospitalization required
  • Less pain, trauma and blood loss since dissection of the muscles and removal of large sections of bone are avoided
  • Local anesthesia and conscious IV sedation is utilized, allowing for direct communication between patient and the surgeon as pain is alleviated
  • State of the art pain mapping techniques allow doctors to identify and isolate the exact source and location of a patient’s pain
  • A documented, patient reported 90% + success rate
  • Over 45,000 surgical procedures performed

Experience the benefits of The Bonati Spine Procedures!

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